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Welcome to The Herbarium!


Your Virtual and Vibrant Collection of Herbal Resources.

We are herbalists, a spirited group of individuals from all walks of life, joined together by our gratitude for nature and our desire to partner with plants to support wellness.

Along our herbal journeys, we have grown closer to the earth and closer to the fellow beings who it sustains. We have learned and continue to learn how even the smallest, seemingly insignificant plant has value. Real valueto its ecosystem and to us.

This connection that we share, this knowledge that we have gained, and all that we have yet to learn – these are the roots of The Herbarium.


While it doesn’t matter as much where you start as long as you just get started, where you start is still important. We take the teaching of herbalism very seriously.

Inside these digital walls, weve transformed the traditional herbarium, a collection of dried plants used as reference, to share herbal knowledge, discoveries, lessons, and beautiful visuals. You will find complete and continuously updated herbal monographs, photographs, thoughtful articles (preview an article here and here), educational videos, tutorials, and teaching charts. As part of The Herbarium community, you will have all of these resources right at your fingertips, enriching your life-long journey through herbalism.

Features of The Herbarium

Herbarium Membership Ebooks for Herbalists

Access to the Herbal Academy’s Library of Ebooks

An ever-expanding media room will give members full access to the Herbal Academy’s library of ebooks, including The Herbalist’s Toolkit series and our Cooking with the Seasons series. The Herbal Academy’s ebooks are available exclusively for members of The Herbarium. Members may also enjoy dozens of ebooks from Essential Herbal Magazine, United Plant Savers, and Natural Herbal Living Magazine.



An ever-growing database including detailed uses of each plant, beautiful images and botanical prints, quick facts, and scientific research and articles for further reading. By combining traditional herbal wisdom, hands-on experience, and modern scientific research, the monograph collection includes some of the most complete information to date.



An ever-expanding collection of in-depth herbal resources including articles, presentations, videos, and podcasts from brilliant herbal minds from around the globe.

Media Downloads

Media Downloads

A variety of useful downloadable and printable charts and graphs as well as dozens of featured herbal magazines and Herbal Academy ebooks on various herbal topics. These are valuable tools for the herbalist!

Herbal Bookshelf

Herbal Bookshelf

Our interactive database of herbal book titles and resources, featuring Herbal Academy reviews and star ratings of our favorite reads to enhance your herbal studies!*

Member Perks

Member Perks

Enjoy exclusive discounts with several of our herbal partners! When you register, stop by the Discounts tab for more information!



Course developers and leading herbalist educators explore in-depth herbalism topics by category via our Intensive short program offerings. Intensives are built of multiple sessions including videos, media, and written lessons.

THE HERBARIUM featured Herbalism Intensive Short Courses


Here at the Herbal Academy – through local classes, online programs, and live forums – we have watched an ever-growing community of herbalists and students flourish, surpassing any of our wildest dreams and hopes in sheer numbers, enthusiasm, and dedication. Originally, we had hoped that through the establishment of the Academy we could raise herbalism awareness, graduate a few students from our local classes, and feel good about our contribution. What we didn’t understand back then was that there was a much bigger interest in herbs, wellness, and good living than we had anticipated. In order to reach more people we took our herbalism courses online and now we are educating students around the globe. The astonishing thing about all of this is that we have fulfilled our original goal many times over!

The Herbarium is our affordable membership program, designed specifically for our readers and students to learn and grow with us. A membership can be a great addition to your herbal studies or an alternative to formal education.

The Herbarium Plant Database membership by Herbal Academy

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Testimonials from our Members

It is the best money I’ve ever spent… the information and educational aspect is priceless and saves me so much time when searching for specifics, for my homework, for my materia medica and so on. I can’t say enough how much I love The Herbarium site…” – Nancy B.

The section of Monographs is massive and quite extensive in how much information is provided for each herb that is included! Information covered includes (but isn’t limited to) the botanical names, sustainability issues, harvesting, Uses, References, Adult dosing, safety, taste, actions, scientific research, and where you can purchase! Each monograph really covers so much information on each herb, and is a fantastic resource to have and reference.  – Tiffany, Finding The Story

I don’t have many local resources available to me, so I’m having to do all of my studies online, so I’m very fortunate to have places like this to further my studies!  – A. J.

I have to be honest. I’m not one to buy memberships very often, but this is one that I will be updating when it expires… As a homeschooling mother and a budding herbalist, it’s a gold mine of information that I highly recommend.  – Kelly, Simple Life Mom

This is SO beautiful! I’m looking at the Home page, and it just beckons me, like a sweet hidden garden! I can’t wait to start exploring!!!”  – Rebecca L.

I just can’t believe all of this only costs me $3.75 per month!  Amy, Tenth Acre Farm

Have just spent a happy hour reading the Herbarium monograms. Thank you so much for this wonderful resource!!!  – Beatrice

…This site is meant to be like an interactive collection of the coolest herb books you’ve ever read and like having a congregation of all your herbal mentors in one place. Candyland for the herb-nerds like me!  – Tessa, Homestead Lady

Thank you so much for creating this site. It’s fabulous!  – A. L.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this website. Andrea

I love the ease of use and LOVE the monographs.  – Amanda, Natural Herbal Living magazine

I signed up and was immediately taken away with all the possible learning I now had access to.  Janet, Timber Creek Farmer

I’ve joined and this looks GREAT! Thanks so much for offering it to us!  – Andrea S.

I find that I hold back on using herbs as much as I would like to because I don’t feel fully confident about how to use them.  I love that a community of herb-lovers and herb-learners can come together on The Herbarium site and share their knowledge and questions.  TeriHomestead Honey

I got to take my first look at The Herbarium and instantly fell in love.  – Megan, Linn Acres Farm

Love Herbal Academy and the articles in The Herbarium. I received my Intermediate Studies Certificate 2 yrs ago and can’t wait to take the Entrepreneurial Course. The information in The Herbarium has been a great resource to support my studies. – Virginia

I am so looking forward to learning more and having more information at my fingertips. Thank you for this opportunity. –  Peggy G.

 The Herbarium is for Everyone!

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So whether you:

  • Don’t have the time OR money to study in an in-person herbal program
  • Have reached an end to your formal herbal studies
  • Can’t find an organized place to study herbs in-depth
  • Or just want to learn more!

Membership is for you.

From beginner to seasoned herbalist, the information inside The Herbarium walls will enrich and inspire your herbal studies. Whether you are new to herbalism or have been studying for many years, the resources and tools you will find here will both help you begin AND deepen your studies. Each section of the website will continually grow with you, so start from the beginning and learn with us as we share and build our collection of herbal resources.

Learning is not meant to be solo journey.

Walk this path with us!


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Annual Membership

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For the searchable monograph database alone, it is! This will be your go-to resource as an herbalist.

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